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WordTricks - Document Production Tools

The WordTricks® software suite is a comprehensive tool set for Word users who want to make it easy and fast to produce professional documents.

Letter, Memo, and Fax Generators
Using the WordTricks® Letter, Memo, and Fax Generators, users can quickly create firm-wide consistent documents in a fraction of the time it takes to cut and paste from existing documents.

Remove Meta-Data
Built-in tool to Remove "Hidden" (meta-data) from documents.

Clean-Document tool that quickly and easily stabilizes documents with chronic problems.

Easy Contacts Integration
Painless integration of Outlook Contacts (and most other contact managers) for letters/faxes/merges/forms/etc.

Litigation Tools
Quick and easy Bates Labels, Certificates of Service, Jurat and Notary Lines, Attorney Bar Numbers and so much more.

Firmwide Styles Management
Easily manage Word paragraph styles from one "firm-wide" location.

Forms Management and Automation
QlickForms allows easy document assembly from existing documents, templates, paragraphs, and clauses. QlickFill quickly and easily automates the process of filling in repetitive information in forms and documents.

Much more than we can list here... (See Details)