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ListTricks - Word Numbering System

Finally! A numbering system that really makes Word Paragraph Numbering Work!

Scheme Based Numbering
ListTricks uses an extensive database of numbering Schemes that can quickly and easily be previewed, selected and applied to your documents.

Tables of Contents are a Snap
Built-in Table of Contents Generator makes it quick and easy to generate Tables of Contents with the features you commonly need.

All Native Word for Transportability
Most of our competitors either use "non-native" techniques or limit your ability to handle multiple schemes in a document. But because we have made a much greater development investment, you get the ability to easily handle multiple schemes in a document that can be shared with others who may not have ListTricks (or other numbering add-ins).

Solves the "Lead-In" Problem
ListTricks allows you to painlessly handle one of Word's most vexing numbering problems. That's the problem of having the "Lead-In" of a numbered paragraph to look different from the body, and have only the Lead-In appear in the Table of Contents.

Modify and Create Schemes "On-the-Fly"
ListTricks makes it super easy to modify numbering schemes either before or after they are applied in your document. And modified schemes can be saved as your personal ones, or shared with others on your network. There is no need to pay for new or custom schemes.

Many Schemes in One Document - With Ease
Need different numbering in different parts of your document? No problem! ListTricks allows you to easily manage as many as you need. You can easily start, stop, switch and modify each scheme - while keeping your document in a completely native Word format.

Much more than we can list here... (See Details)