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DoxShop - Content/Document Management

DoxShop is a full featured "client-centric" content/document management system. It allows you to save your documents, emails, spreadsheets, faxes, image files, scanned packages and most any other digitally stored information in a logical and easy to retrieve system. Files are stored in their native form, are full text indexed, secured and managed via a Microsoft SQL database.

And DoxShop is affordable. Finally! Document Management for the rest of us.

An Affordable CMS/DMS System
DoxShop is built smart, runs fast, and leverages more current technologies than it's competitors. Results? You get a system that provides the filing, storage, and search capabilities of more expensive content/document management systems at a fraction of the price.

Integration with Microsoft Office and WordPerfect
DoxShop integrates with Microsoft Word®, Outlook®, Excel® and WordPerfect®. In addition, DoxShop can save and manage almost any other file type, including(but not limited to: E-mail, PDF, HTML, XML, PowerPoint, and various image formats.

The Features I Need, Please
After years of frustration in helping organizations utilize other CMS/DMS systems that were expensive and intimidating, we set our developers loose to give clients what they really need. So, DoxShop is not loaded down with all those things that don't get used, but includes things like file conversion, meta-data removal, one-click PDF creation.

Built-In WordPerfect / Word / PDF Conversion
Enjoy gnashing of teeth? There is nothing like opening a WordPerfect document in MS Word to do the trick. Can you say, "Unstable?" DoxShop takes care of that for you. It's built-in conversion system insures that the "nasty" stuff stays behind while bringing forward as much as possible. Or, would you like to send that Word document as an attached PDF file? With DoxShop, that's just two clicks away.

Full Text Indexed
Can't remember where you put it? That's OK. DoxShop's powerful Full-Text Indexer gives you incredibly fast access to all of your documents with a simple search of just a few key words.

Scanner/Imaging Integration
DoxShop plays very nicely with many network attached copier/scanners and most desktop scanners, enabling you to save and manage your scanned documents as easily as ones you create. So the signed copy of that contract can simply be version 5 of your document, stored along with the previous 4 that you edited in Word. Or, that entire real estate closing package can be managed from your desktop without the need for keeping paper copies.

Much more than we can list here... (See Details)