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What is WordTricks?

Word® Complex Tasks - Made Simple

Cost Relief

Word® Management

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® Complex Tasks - Made Simple
For the user, WordTricks® is a "task-oriented" toolbox that makes simple work of routine things that are many times cumbersome or even impractical in Word® alone. But far from being overwhelming, WordTricks is so approachable that it dramatically reduces the workload for a firm already using Word®, going through an upgrade transition, or especially if migrating from WordPerfect® to Word®.

Cost Relief

(Does that mean WordTricks is free?) Well… Sort of. Most firms cost themselves a lot of money in lost productivity, but have no idea how much or even how to measure it. After all, "high-tech saves labor" and MS Office is as "high-tech" as it gets. Right? Sorry! But, no… Not for those who must use it to produce professional documents. That's where WordTricks can pay for itself many times over, even within the first year. Typically WordTricks costs the equivalent of a few seconds a day of a Staff Member's value. But it almost always saves minutes and sometimes hours per day in document production.

Managing Word
For firms with 10 to even 10,000 workstations, managing Word® with any consistency can be a daunting job. But with WordTricks, it is incredibly easy to centrally manage user preferences, templates, styles, button-bars, numbering schemes and forms. All of this without taking away the user's ability to customize on their own.

Document Production

For casual documents, Word® is a great tool. But for producing professional / legal / engineering / accounting documents, Word® presents some formidable obstacles. WordTricks helps you overcome these obstacles.

Obstacles to Document Production? What do you mean?

  • OBJECT ORIENTED DOCUMENT STRUCTURE. Most professionals think in a linear fashion, or as an orator. Most previous word processing applications (including WordPerfect®) also work in a linear way. Word® does not. So, some "re-thinking" of the process is necessary in order to use Word® effectively. Every aspect of WordTricks is developed to help move you along in this process.

  • DOCUMENT INSTABILITY. Built into Word's way of handling documents are mechanisms that tend to "gather baggage" with each edit. This is especially so when information is copied between documents. Even though you can't see it, this makes the document unpredictable in behavior and many times completely unstable. WordTricks tools are designed to minimize this "excess baggage" and to encourage users to create original documents when possible.

  • UNWORKABLE PARAGRAPH NUMBERING. Again, for casual documents that contain automatic paragraph numbering, Word® is a great tool. But for documents that are typical for the professional environment, native Word® paragraph numbering falls short. WordTricks (with the ListTricks tool) uses native Word® numbering, but makes it much easier to produce "healthy" professional numbered documents.

  • AUTOMATING DOCUMENTS. Many times we repetitively produce similar documents. But unlike WordPerfect®, Word's tools for automating this process are beyond most users' understanding. (Visual Basic, Locked Field Forms, Template Sharing, etc.) In QlickForms, WordTricks brings you the tools you need to quickly manage and automate documents, without being a macro developer.

  • SYSTEM-WIDE MANAGEABILITY. Word® was designed to empower the individual with a great deal of user options and customizations. Microsoft has done a great job of making Word® "smart" in the area of automating Word's behavior for the average individual user. Unfortunately, you are not your average Word® user. Many of these "features" simply impede your productivity. Plus, you share your work with coworkers within your organization and probably clients too. This means that you must have some level of consistency and reliability in Word's behavior. But Word® was not designed with that in mind. Fortunately, a large portion of WordTricks (that the user never sees) has a long history of making this easy for your support staff.


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