Client Testimonials

Russell, Krafft & Gruber LLP

Our law firm recently converted from a Corel Word system to Microsoft Word with Word Tricks system. A law firm is a very "hurry-up," get this for me right now, type of business. The staff were more than a little nervous about this transition. The two people who came from your company to help us with this conversion, Cheryl Stovall and Bill Denney were absolutely wonderful. They had to teach us in 3 short, packed hours what I am sure is usually presented in at least a full day. Both Cheryl and Bill were very clear in their instructions and descriptions of functions, they were both very patient with the endless, repeat questions. The fact that Cheryl previously worked in a law firm was an outstanding bonus for all of us. She really understood why we had to learn this system as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. Cheryl also knew which functions would be most time-saving and efficient and keep us all from pulling out our hair. Both Cheryl and Bill were very pleasant people with whom to work on what could have been a very difficult transition. Both were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their product. In all respects, Cheryl and Bill certainly projected a very positive, professional image of your company. I, for one, and I know others in the firm, will certainly recommend your company, your product and Cheryl and Bill in particular to anyone interested in this type of product.

Sherry Blake - Russell, Krafft & Gruber LLP

McNair Law Firm, PA
formerly, Bethea, Jordan & Griffin PA

I know one guy, Bill Denney, who I would estimate knows more about
document transfer into and out of both of these programs [MS WORD and Word Perfect] than anyone. He is an absolute genius with WordPerfect. Bill's full time job is consulting with and installing document management systems and advanced word processing systems for the legal profession. He is a brilliant programmer that can add applets and macros to WordPerfect (or Word) to get the program to do anything. He is a real programmer, who actually knows the legal business (and the word processing business). He is a WordPerfect pro as well as a Word pro. If you need to bring in an expert to work on your problem, he is the smartest.

Michael L.M. Jordan, Esq., CFP -

Krivcher Magdis PCL

WOW!!!! I have only played with this ListTricks for a few minutes, but already I'm impressed - I just hate we didn't have this before spending the small fortune to have our own templates made!!! Thought I'd let you know my thoughts! - I'm going to play around with this for a week or so and then let Ron and Brooks put it on all the other machines! Thanks again for creating this - again I think it should have taken over the name "Word - Perfect" because it does take Word and make it a little more perfect!!

Ann Marie Charnes, former employee of Krivcher, Magids PLC

Parker Hudson Rainer & Dobbs LLP

I want you to be aware of [WordTricks] Bill Denney's efforts, above and beyond the call of duty! Today is our deadline for sending 29 documents to Danaher. With Bill's help we are able to meet our client commitment. Bill's help has meant that Bill worked all weekend on our documents writing software to "clean up" the documents as well as being available to Stacy Holland via cell phone should questions arise. I am extremely grateful that our firm has such a wonderful resource!

Caroline S. Talley - Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs LLP