WordTricks Professional Products

Whether you manage Word on 10 or 10,000 workstations, WordTricks makes it incredibly easy to centrally administer user preferences, templates, styles, button-bars, numbering schemes, and forms. All without taking away the user's ability to customize.

WordTricks - Document Automation

  Includes ListTricks
 Consistent Document Styles
 Paragraph Formatting
 Litigation Tools
 Customized Template
 Footer Integration with All DMS'
 Custom Watermarks
 Centrally Managed Database
 Automated Web Updates
 Stable Documents
 Tables of Contents
 Litigation Package Coming Soon

ListTricks - Word Numbering Manager

 Minimal effort (three clicks)
 Create Table of Contents
 Create and edit numbering schemes
 Shared Network Database
 Share numbering schemes with everyone
 Simple way to number documents
 Insert multiple numbering schemes
 In-paragraph numbering
 Automated Web Updates

DoxShop - Document Management System

  Document preview window.
 Integrated search engine
 DoxShop integrates with
     Microsoft Word®,
     Microsoft Outlook®,
     Microsoft Excel®,
 DoxShop can save and manage most file types      including, but not limited to: PDF, HTML, XML,      PowerPoint, and all image formats
 Converts from WordPerfect to Word
 Converts Word to WordPerfect
 Scan to DoxShop
 Automated Web Updates


WordTricks® Lite

WordTricks Lite - ($19.95)

WordTricks Lite with ListTricks - ($39.95)

 Formatting Tools
 Bates Labels
 Page Numbering
 Document ID Footer
 Custom Watermarks
 Clean Document Tool
 Special Symbols