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Document Restoration/Creation Service
From WordTricks

Often our clients ask for our assistance in recovering damaged documents and restoring complex documents to proper form and stability. But we had been poorly equipped to do this in a cost effective way.

Now we offer this service on a per-document basis. Simply send your document (or documents) to with your instructions.

Also as a part of this service we will create new forms and documents when your staff is too busy or the documents too complex.

Simply dictate your documents or forms via a toll-free number at 1-877-TYPE4ME (1-877-897-3463.)

1 - Hold/Stop
2 - Record/Stop Record
3 - Incremental Rewind/Play
4 - Fast Forward
5 - Disconnect
7 - Rewind/Play
8 - End (complete current document/start next doc)
9 - Insert Start/Insert End

New Face at WordTricks

We are pleased to add Sherri Parsons to our team. Sherri has been a practicing litigation paralegal and law office administrator in both Georgia and Florida. In addition, at some point, Sherri has also been responsible for technology implementation at firms she has worked for. Already, she has proven herself valuable in supporting WordTricks clients and improving responsiveness to your requests. But most importantly, she has shown herself to have the competence, ethics and character that reflects this company's own.

With her addition and a few other changes, we are now able to lift our self-imposed moratorium on adding new clients and projects. So please pass the word to any firms you think could use our products.

Welcome aboard, Sherri.

WordTricks Lite Extensively Updated

Our WordTricks Lite product has been expanded significantly. And, still does not require any database setup or template maintenance.

WordTricks Lite It is being offered as a downloadable user-installed product for $19.95 per workstation.